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Enhanced Listing Imagery

First impressions are everything, and with website visitors only spending a few seconds on the page (and not reading below the page fold) you want to make sure they get the key points before moving on.

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Neighbourhood Maps

Agents are expected to know the neighbourhood, but doing that research can be time consuming. Demonstrate to sellers that you know the area, and will do a great job showcasing their property.

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Property Feature Slide

A listing is more than just photos, and with sellers expecting more from their agents, you need to be able to deliver. Our feature slide gives you the ability to address this for even the most demanding seller.

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Listing Descriptions

You didnt go into real estate to become a copy editor and while ChatGPT is great, it's still going to contain a lot of misleading information. We'll make sure your descriptions are accurate and engaging.

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Social Posts

Agents often describe managing their social presence as being a bit like 'exercise', they know they should be doing it, but feel they don't have the time. Every time you create a listing, we create all the social content you need.

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Social Stories / Ads

Posts are great, but by also creating stories you're more likely to have your audience notice your posts. These assets can also be leveraged as boosted ads to reach an even wider audience.

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Weekly News and Tips for your Audience

You probably don't have a property to post every week (although, together we can get you there), but you should still be engaging with your hard earned audience. Once a week we'll makes sure you always have something insightful and helpful to share.

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Listing Presentations

We know you're busy, and that you don't have time to create a new listing presentation for every client, especially when it's a last minute opportunity. We'll create a custom presentation with most of the details pre-filled, ready for you to present!

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Many agents don't have a website because they worry it will be difficult to maintain. We'll create a microsite for you that will be automatically updated with your listings, and can be customized to your brand. Now you can build SEO and your brand without the hassle!

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Custom content

Need something else? We love it when our customers bring us new ideas! Drop us a note and we'll see what we can do.

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